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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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March 3rd, Stammtisch #107

62 ppl

Gilbert aka Autr

He’s been working for about 6 years in a video feedback system to perform live. It includes code written in JavaScript combined with analog video systems.

Q. Is it audio reactive?

A. It used to be, but he noticed it’s better if he reacts to the sound manually, because the way we feel sound is different from how FFT “perceives” sound.


Working on a theatrical performance.

A small phone-booth like space in which a person sits. There’s a window with a slanted glass showning a peppers-ghost effect (text floats in the air). The person chats (voice) with an AI. The AI is quite eloquent and tries to create a story collaboratively with the person sitting in the booth.

Tom aka Pandur

Founder and main dev of

Creates a sketch from scratch to demo.

They plan to release this year as open source. It’s written in JavaScript.

Shows a demo created last weekend. He does this with Tom (aka Pixtur).


Shows a project that displayed cyber-looking display open air, in Los Angeles, for Intel / Vice. Also other installations with large displays and projectors featured in art museums in Brazil. The projects can be found at:

Current project: taking old cheap synths from the 80 and placing a Raspberry Pi inside.

He created ofxShadertoy (addon for openFrameworks).

== Announcements ==

== Break ==


Shows several sketches made in Scratch on the topic of “Hearts”.

Also a video of his favorite fountain in his hometown with the music of “The Journey” game.


A collection of animated fractals he created which can be explored in the web browser.

They include descriptions and samples of code so people can learn about each.

They are in GitHub, open for contribution.

Written in TypeScript.


Invitation to collaborate on a magazine called Taper.

Electronic literature started on the fifties.

He and 3 others decided to present every week a piece tha generates text with 256 bytes.

Feel free to submit a piece. Up to 2 Kb. To:


Also into electronic literature, learned from Milton.

Entangled Matter. What does it mean to program matter.

“AI, Humans and Golems”.

Shows his latest piece. Workshop piece for high school students. In the workshop they create Golems via text prompts. “Dream fields”, an engine to create 3D models from prompts. The 3D creations appear inside a game engine. It includes elements of electronic literature. Texts float in the world. In the end the creatures are printed on 3D so they became physical objects.

Will be presented in the “01” festival in France: