Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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November 7th, Stammtisch #103

37 ppl

Page for beginners learning creative coding:


AR project with collages made with found materials. You use a device to look into a frame on the wall and you see what it’s inside the frame, a geometric shape oscillating. The movement relates to climate change / pollution induced anxiety.

A real-time installation reacting to the edits in Wikipedia English. Being in the flux of the things that happen around you. You are in the moment and what you are experiencing is gone.

Shows a reaction-diffusion program he’s been experimenting with, made with OPENRNDR.

“Chemical basis of morphogenesis” paper from A. Turing.


Enjoys a lot using Shadertoy. Quickly explains GLSL shaders and makes a short demo in Shadertoy.


Works in a coworking space called Chaos. They ran a yearly event, this year the topic was water. Built an inflatable kraken using industrial fans. They wanted to control the air flow using a ventile they produced themselves. Then built a box with multiple ventiles to control many inflatable arms. Rubber bands helped pull the arms higher than horizontal. A hole in the last segment of each arm shoots air downwards to raise the arm.

Next they mapped an image texture to the air flow in the arms, so a video could be played to control the physical movement.


Last episode in the underwater world series.

He shows the first time he presented his visuals in a party in Schöneweide, same party where Tinka showed the inflatable moving creature. Some projections went through glass, so to make the visualsmore visible he applied Yoghurt to the glass.

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Live coding a language he developed using OPENRNDR specially for his 404 show, with Kinect input. Shows a video of the live show. Two performers, a musician and Kazik doing live coding and visuals. Feedback loops are involved for all 4 of them.

The whole show is online:

The live coding framework is Open Source:


Shows a project in which he trained a neural network to distinguish smiling from non-smiling faces. Shows also other projects from his web site. One with 3D printed objects, a game children were using to connect pieces as in a 3D puzzle. The objects communicate with each other via bluetooth.

Rita Eperjesi

Real-Time War Rug. When war started in Afganistan rug makers started telling war stories in the rugs they created. With a friend they (9 people working together) decided to create a real rug that has physical rotating round “pixels” that show war areas. The data is taken from a conflict-tracker data source.


Got a grant ~~but had no idea what to do with it ~~and was creating many prototypes in various directions, until things clicked about 45 days before the deadline. Shows project video of physarum-based animation :

Abe explains the physarum algorithm (

Reference: (Physical physarum)