Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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October 7th, Stammtisch #102

+36 ppl

Robin Baumgarten

Gave a presentation recently in Brazil called “Building Playful Art”.

Created the “Line Wobbler” game, which is displayed in a 720 pixel LED strip.

“Quantum Jungle” interactive art installation which visualizes quantum physics, shown in Italy.

Talks about how he created the controllers with custom metal springs, which are quite resistant when

Philipp Artus

Showed generative visuals in Burning Man this summer.

Shows many images and videos of the progress made in his generative fish and jelly fish.

He learned initially from The Nature of Code book.


From School of Machines, Making and Make Believe.

Approaches technology from the human perspective, questioning why, how, for what we use it. The most recent show made by her students took place in a park open air (across the school), which was the first time they did that. Usually exhibitions take place in closed places.

In the “Signals” program they came up with ideas about how to communicate in totalitarian regimes. One project created by two women flew drones in specific ways to draw numbers in the air, which could then be decoded with a mobile camera.

Another project was created by a pianist, Julian Zyklus.

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Antifa AI German Horror Story

Worked with a big group of people in an anti-fascist action. Was supposed to be an art space with multiple areas with different activities in each. They did filming and streaming video online, built their own jitsi version for chatting, there were data visualizations, antifa uniform of the future, performances…


Started programming at age 9. Used Processing for many years, three.js and OpenFrameworks. Lately using OPENRNDR ( which is written in Kotlin.

Got a grant to work on his visuals. Performed live with Floating Spectrum.

Been trying to reproduce life (things that are born and live and reproduce and die). Uses a keytar shaped wireless midi controller because he doesn’t like the aesthetic of standing being a computer on stage. It’s also more expressive, different from turning knobs on a midi controller.

Been trying many different approaches. Cells that divide until they fill the screen. Played with particles that move but don’t really interact with each other, or with a flocking algorithm. Shows bouncing particles and a rotation emerges after a while.

Then went into the physarum algorithm. Demonstrates the algorithm running. Experimented with “water drops” damaging the trails.

Based on a workshop by arsiliath


“Correlation Waves” for Climate Utopias show.

Art installation with a inflatable sphere that surrounds the viewer temporarily. Features video projections on the sphere and sound.

Shows the making-of.