Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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September 2nd, Stammtisch #101

+27 ppl


@gritkit on instagram: and

Shows an animated logo she programmed:

Also a tool written in Processing which creates an animated logo. It is configurable with a control panel and can export video loops with the logo.

Finally presents a Processing program to create digital organisms which she recently started.


Collaborate with another CCS participant and they created a song and a music video. The video is a screen recording of their software being played live with a midi keyboard.

Hidden Pagodas - Melancholic aliens ->


She took a break in London to come to Berlin and join the School of Machines, Making and Make Believe.

There she developed a project called Wind Radio. It’s a public installation based on a wind sock. It plays radio stations depending on where the wind is blowing from, and how strong it is.

Part of the installation was 3D printed. She shows making-of photos and videos.

Jiwa xx

Presented the Televangelist last time. Satirical piece. He’s presenting today the sonification aspect he added to the work. The sound includes voices from old televangelist recordings manipulated using tone.js.

Then he shows various experiments on pixel manipulation which ended up as part of an interactive installation which is controlled via an interface built into a physical book. The book contains an arduino, a power bank, a wifi chip and a light bulb.

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He creates visual works that react to sound or dance using vvvv using his own tool called Cairos: a timeline that allows having static, changing and live input values. He spent several years thinking about what he needed exactly.

Juan Pablo

Visual artist and film maker from Colombia, visiting Berlin for the School of Machines:

His work relates to plants and language. Mycellium connects mushrooms and trees. Underground communication, the Internet of plants. He wanted to create a mushroom out of street posters that reacts to touch and produces light and sound.

For the top of the mushroom he used a transparent plastic that can be heated and shaped.

A Bela microcontroller takes care of playing sound and controlling LEDs.


Not technically creative coding.

Wanted to 3D print a K67 kiosk. But there was no model. He found one in Berlin and measured it, then printed version one, then version two featuring black lines.

Needs help with selling, taxes, marketing in Germany.