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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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July 1st, Stammtisch #099

22 ppl


Studied in Nantes, where a festival takes place. With her team they could build projects to be shown in a bunker. How to be comfy in a bunker? Sunsets in it, generated with Blender. With the default renderers it’s not possible to render caustics, but it when using LuxCore. Because there was no time to render, she asked everyone in the discord channel to help rendering the mvoie.

The visuals showed light going through Suzanne the monkey head rotating and moving.

Second project she showed: Automaton is a collective.

She did a live performance using TouchDesigner with Gina (audio). They are both fascinated by noise. Her visuals involved particles and they were in part driven by the sound input (an LFO). A camera captured real time drawing on paper.


Graphic designer, started learning about TouchDesigner 4 years ago. We scroll down to the beginning in exploring the evolution of his works. The journey included showing all the music hardware equipment used during those years.

The sound card he uses has 16 in 16 out so one can input many channels from a Modular synthesizer.


Show a three.js (web based) real-time caustics visual made by another artist.

“Environmental Gates” mixed with ?’s aesthetic, which he reproduced using shaders. Then recreated Damien Hirst’s “shark”, Gerard Richter’s skulls (with 3D burning candles), a scene with the skulls replaced with flowers, and Salcedo’s closets.


Binaural audio wear hedphones. Involved in spatial audio for quite some time, specially Ambisonics. His colleague was keeping it alive. When he retired, VR came out, and Ambisonics is the perfect tech for spatial audio. One of the ways of doing 3D sound.

His piece is a high order ambisonics mix of trance psy-music. He had access during his PDH to a advanced studio with 25 speakers.

The website he built has a 3D visualization of the 3D sound. Created with A-Frame.

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A simulation of radio waves expanding through the solar system, with occlusion from the planets in the way.

Recalculating normals for deformed geometry on the GPU

OpenRNDR project inspired by Manfred Mohr for an upcoming video

Suggestion for normals recalculation on the GPU:


Tiny microcontroller based project using an LCD screen and a solar cell to generate power. He produced some simple animations for the tiny screen.

Simulated equalizer, euclidean rhythms, game of life. The device has a laser cut frame to put by the window and let it run forever.

LCD Game of Life sketch in P5JS:

Hackaday project page for creature:

Philipp Artus

Show beautiful video using flowing particles and hand drawn animations of whale-like creatures in a planet. Can remind of the small planet of the Little Prince.

Shows his experiments in physics and spring simulations creating organic-looking creatures. First calculated in the CPU, later ones in the GPU.

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