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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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June 3rd, Stammtisch #098

32 ppl


Works on visualizing space events.

Calabi-Yau manifolds:

Not project:



Recommended JS Math libraries:

related (by Josef):

It’s surprisingly easy to do convincing relativistic ray-tracing. I translated this python code to glsl and it worked in real-time (in reasonable resolutions)


Automated doodle generation:

Then t-shirt generation, shop, order, done.

He’s trying to take it further, making a composition of multiple doodles. Ues GANNs.

He asked himself: would I really wear this? And he wasn’t so sure.

So still trying to refine it further.


Early projects on his learning process with p5.js.

Tom aka @pixtur does live audiovisual sets with his partner.

Shows an implementation of boids with a high number of them flying in 3D. It uses compute shaders (5 or 7 passes) to calculate everything.

He shows also saving presets to midi controller buttons, and interpolating between them.

Search for “tooll3” on youtube to see the new version.

Will play in Fete de la Musique.

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Demo scener. 64K productions (visuals and audio < 65536 bytes). His team won a few years ago. He was at the Outline demo party. “Square Melon” open source tool for making demos. He created the demo in +3h.

The whole visuals for the demo is a fragment shader using signed distance fields. The code he wrote was about 30 or 40 lines of code.

Watch it here:


Shows multiple projects from her website:

Interested in 3D spaces, AR, VR capture.

Shows an animated data viz for Krisenchat, made with Xemantic / Kazik. It shows connections between traits found in children in situations of crisis.

Philipp Artus

Background in character animation. Shows “Snail Trail” short film.

Created a light installation with a laser projecting the animation into a cylindrical phosphorous surface from the inside.

First coded project with forward kinematic chain

Technical: Sometimes one can have multiple projectors to have both high brightnes and high resolution.


Shows his early web projects: a TV controlled with a remote control.

Repurposed that project for the BLM movement.

Later worked on a video generator, and created a smart contract platform (blockchain). Shows interactive NFT works maked with p5.js.


Shows an AR project in which a green screen is replaced by video recording with person / background separation to produce video collages of actors in virtual backgrounds.

We see the VGPS technology, which combines GPS, wifi plus live video input to figure out precise location and orientation which can be used for AR purposes.