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March 4th, Stammtisch #095

(24 participants)


The Hedron App is finally released in the Mac App Store.

Demos many of the features in Hedron.

Built in Swift, with 3D SceneKit and Metal (plus custom shader)

The Hedron App is a 3D editor which comes with Platonic Solids, Archimedean Solids, Prisms, Antiprisms, Johnson Solids, Zonohedra and many more.

You can create and export artistic images, videos and 3D models with it.


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for OPENRNDR that lets you browse your own sketches visually, search their source code, tags, description and file name.

Unsafe source code:

Solves the issue of finding your own sketches when you have too many of them.

Then shows his latest sketch.


Inspirations: Sokoban;

Building Isokuban, a Sokoban variation playing with changes of perspective on a cube.

Would love to collaborate on the game!

Contact: or [][]

Ivan Moreno

One of his hobbies is Physics and Math. He created a project called “The extended present” (Formely called COSMOS) which has a variety of objects like binary black holes dancing.

His projects connect the smallest parts (subparticles) of the universe to the largest ones.

Works that combine the work of several contemporary artists like Damien Hirst (“The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”) and Gerhard Richter.

Some other work that Ivan has done:

Contact info:

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Psychological Counseling for Children in Ukrainian and Russian language.

Looking for counselors speaking Ukrainian or Russian (need to have a masters in Psychology) and spreading the word.


Just started with p5.js and loving that you can make interesting topological shapes with simple math.


Got captivated by the theremin (a musical instrument you can play without touching it)

made a makeshift theremin with an arduino and an ultrasonic range finder.

Shows another project where fireflies dance along to music while following your face. Is currently porting it to Processing.


Shows fun experiments using a Kinect depth camera to track himself dancing and painting in the air with his hands and body. Most experiments are visible online on Instagram.