Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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December 3rd, Stammtisch #092

(23 participants)

Jitsi was not working so we had to move to:

Sorry for the inconvenience

Denisovich “Rishi”

Picked classic generative pieces to re-code and re-imagine. Two Vera Molnar pieces; Georg Nees; Hiroshi Kawano; Manfred Mohr. Online collection of digital art:

Vera Molnar:

Georg Nees:

Hiroshi Kawano:

Manfred Mohr:

Some failed attempts:

Inspired by the Recode Project (

Rishi’s socials:


Gave a tour of the A.R.E. exhibition at Zonoteca

Generative Hut instagram:

Exhibition announcement:

Workshop info:


Turns picture (a photo collage) into low-res monochrome; converts to a pixel displacement of the original image based on brightness. Effect is a seemingly organic dissolution of the image. Like a flow field.

Used openFrameworks to process

== 10 minutes break ==

== announcements ==


Shows a large collection of Processing sketches.

Sketches inspired by a leaf growth simulation paper:

But then I tend to deviate from the original algorithm to get something new

3D looking distortion

Yes, it’s just a flat 2D grid distortion in the same plane, even if it’s in a shader. It was just a lucky finding. Same for the lighting : more light in the center of the distorsion


Shows one-off portfolio, moving from visual arts into landscape architecture

Light positioned 1 mile away flickers to your voice, spoken into a walkie-talkie

Site-specific art

6-minute drone shot of Settle neighborhood

Process description of an interactive art installation:

Let me know if you or someone you know in Germany can write a letter of intent:


Plotter drawing with a custom line ordering and line hiding algorithm

Calculating intersections between polygons (using paper.js)

Haystack with stripes hiding each other in a “circular” fashion

Expect a plot (with code) to show up here:


Digital pointilism progress report :)

New kinds of shapes and more layering



Optical flow kaleidoscope. Turning live feed videos into amazing kaleidoscopes.

Examples :


Was given only one minute to present for some reason.

X Live for live desktop backgrounds made in p5.js (