Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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August 6th, Stammtisch #88

(25 participants)


Radu shows parametric graphics coded with C# on unity


Carmen has created visual body-maps to describe her personal sensory experiences in form of illustrations. She is utilizing p5 as tool to build those visual experiences.


Researching ways to generate colors

Compute shader in Unity

Using a plugin called Mixture ( to create generative textures as input



Katarina wasn’t happy with her own headshot, so she went to the processing page and she found a code to generate dot filters on top of photos.

Katarina has been playing with different photos, parameters and algorithms. Using the picture of a leave as stencil for the processing filter stamps.

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Sarah C: Berlin Sept 1 event: Intersectional AI Toolkit Edit-a-thon, invitation to participate in co-writing/remixing zines \& code resources on AI \& diversity (all perspectives \& levels of in/experience are more-than-welcome):


Mark recommends Dark Matter

–Part 2–


Mark has coded a program that draws shapes in the cpu meter


Generative Music:

Kazik makes generative visuals to go with generative music. Something like video synthesis.

Kazik is looking for people who lives in Berlin to test the tool for creating experiences on the aimi platform.


Design for the German A1 racing team. Gero designed the drivers suit, t-shirts and the car paint.

Unfortunately the agency canceled the project and it was never fully realized.

The tool Gero uses is very old but still maintained

Selin & Mathias

They have created an holographic spinning device that utilizes special glasses (Diffraction grating) to decodes a 2D line of light into a 3D hologram.

With a resolution of 7x42 pixels