Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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May 7th, Stammtisch #85

(33 participants)

Planning for Stammtisch #100


Shows his experiments with noise fields. He got started in VSCode with p5.js. He quantizes parts of the noise field so it combines the organic with the geometric.

the patch –>


Following Arsiliath’s Compute Shader workshop, which expects homework delivered at the end of each week. Topics like Cyclic Cellurar Automata and 1D CA. She implemented it in p5.js too.


Scanned a location in Berlin using photogrammetry and made a web based interactive experience:

The audio involves sound samples and real time web-audio effects.

He uses Meshroom


Animated Julia sets in the terminal with green ascii characters.

Used an “ascii gradient” to emulate pixel brightness.

Julia sets:


ASCII gradient I used:

You can contribute:

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Alma: looking for job after the summer. Blender, Touch Designer, some Unity/Unreal. Ideally in Berlin.

Constanze: offering a nice broken laptop. 17” 1070 GPU, 512Gb SSD. Doesn’t power up. Goes for Taru.

Onat: looking for collaborator doing custom audio synthesis.

Tony: Sunday it’s mother’s day. Remember.

Tom: looking for collaborators for open source shaders, C-Sharp, imgui. @pixtur

Jaeyeon Kim

Studying in South Korea. Shows many posters combining generative processes and typography made in Touch Designer.

Participated in an exhibition combining TD, a webcam, Zoom to glitch live video input and do real time face swapping.

Also worked on a web based 2020 PROTO WEB Exhibition by his school made with three.js and A-Frame.


A shader idea in Shadertoy. Converts videos into something like steam particles.


Live performance with his language and editor.

Shows things you can’t do on CSS.