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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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April 2nd, Stammtisch #84


Worked with Processing and other non-web technologies before, but because of staying more at home, he switched to p5.js projects. He shows two of them:

  1. Pixel based mandalas, working on Hic et Nunc. It uses the public key of the viewer to generate a unique pattern.

  2. Platonic shapes, solid or wireframe, rendered with Blender and then processing using ML algorithms to style them in interesting ways.


Talks about creating an alternative to Hic et Nunc, or a forum for discussions around art and possible ways to work as a creative / artist, and his plans to release some of his work on HeN.


Show the result of a program that generates a binary pattern (zeros and ones) combined with the image of a lotus flower. When creating it she noticed there’s an issue in p5.js with hyphenation. So she fixed it and sent a pull request on GitHub. Her first contribution to the framework.

Text wrapping function should be included in next release ->

Second, she got an invite to use the GPT-3 text-processing machine learning platform. “Ask the mystical magic 8-ball”. She can not show the results to larger groups of people. She thinks GPT-2 is better for creative purposes because it can be fine tuned, unlike version 3.


Show work in progress using Touch Designer. It uses the webcam as input and creates some kind of wavy noisy landscape. Actually a bug, but she finds it beautiful. She wants to achieve a painting-like aesthetic / pointillism.

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Kazik: OPENRNDR compiled to JavaScript (first steps)


Bruce: I’m live-coding on sunday for this event

Taru: technique gallery has now a memorable URL (maybe not final) (In case anyone else wants to link up a domain point to a Notion:

Kazik: follow up we did on the last Jam


Movie poster generator made in TouchDesigner. Visualizes color of movies. Shows posters for many known movies.


Generative designs limited to circles and a few colors (using POVray). Shows hundreds of iterations while approaching the final results.


Presents the latest version of DOjS (1.50) and shows a Birb example running on DOS, then experiments using Perlin and Simplex noise, first pure JavaScript (slow) and then using a loaded library (faster). Ilu says there are at least 3 users of his framework, himself included (more downloads but no errors reported).

16bit DOS coding library:

My Twitter:

My OpenProcessing:\&view=sketches

My HEN (there is free stuff):


Show his birb circle-packing pattern generator running on VSCode, which he works on in his live streams: