Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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March 5th, Stammtisch #83


Has been playing with NFT (Non Fungible Tokens, “crypto-art”) for the last two months. Says the whole community is very into it, and they know each other. Mentions the energetic wastefulness of the system and his concerns about it being a ponzi scheme (the ones who leaves the system at the right time earns a lot, the ones who stay loose lots of money).


- [](


Published a node package: an ascii-tarot card set.

Prediction of whether coronavirus will end soon: 8 of swords (don’t hold your breath XD)


Show his 8 million particle simulation, looks like a microscope video feed of living cells (see this months poster).


During the jam she got into learning compute shaders in Udemy. She followed a few lessons and started collecting algorithms she could use in those shaders.

That collection grew into a project itself:

It got looots of positive reactions in Twitter.

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Jonas @jonasjoergenjacobsen

Jonas is a game designer working on Unity. He shows us a p5js web project that uses the tone.js synthesizer to produce sound. Got interested in machine learning, uses genetic algorithms to evolve the audio.



Interaction designer, jazz pianist, creative coder.

Shows Tilde, a hardware installation prototype. A series of paper? rings standing on a long metal plate. The rings grow and shrink slowly. There is a software control panel where you can draw a “configuration” and the hardware interpolates towards that configuration of ring sizes.


- []( Berlin based company creating large installations



Thought about creating kinetic sound sculptures hanging in a room, being “played” by an audience via clicking objects on a website. Should be realized together with workshops for young people at S27 – Kunst und Bildung (a place running creative workshops (accompanied by German courses and social work) with young people, most of them refugees). Not sure if it will happen (and if it would get funded), but wonders if some of us are interested in such a project. Could be showed in Berlin. Could be the start of a more stable creative coding workshop with refugees. Would be up for having a coffee and discussing a first project for a space in Berlin.

Aftershow chat with Onat (Andy Lomas)