Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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February 5th, Stammtisch #82

(40 attendees)


Arturo talks about crypto-art and the history of software copyright, and describes how giving exclusive property of files is at the opposited side of the spectrum when compared to free open source software.

He tries to raise the topic of how do we pay artists.


Kathryn - homepage

cli ascii tarot:

AI-Generated TEDTalk: - talk to me about using AI for your art!!

Her poetry is found at and is generated using GPT2 ( ).

(specifically also with this python package


- [](

Sörenpeter: twtxt.txt

    __           __       __
   / /__      __/ /__  __/ /_
  / __/ | /| / / __/ |/_/ __/
 / /_ | |/ |/ / /__>  </ /_
 \__/ |__/|__/\__/_/|_|\__/

twtxt is a decentralized microblogging platform.

learn about it at

Selfhosted microblogging / social media in a single txt-file (almost). Kinda like RSS/Atom, but much simpler. Started as a CLI tool only, but i want make it accessible

Why? Own/control your own content! - Specification and user guide - my site - my twtxt.txt file, - hosted pod where you can host your twtxt.txt and follow otheres timeline. Im


Gabor has been working on a Pinyin + Chinese text editor. When you type it keeps both Pinyin and the Chinese characters visible and selectable, which is very useful for learning. It allows multiple users edit in real time, based on the protocol used by Etherpad’.

Pinyin is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China (login with “creativecode”)

Github repository:

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Check her school’s programs: :) (classes in spanish too!)

Wonders what we think about -

Working with

Talks about direct democracy and how could we hack things to make the world work better. How to use technology for that.

Damaris: “Taiwan uses very successfully”

naoto: “reminds me of hkmap tracking police brutality in real time


Shows the new version of Tooll

His channel


Sanders has been working on an augmented reality filter software for chats.

DIY interactive theater using face filters

A version of Waiting for Godot where you play both characters

Looking for people in Theater to collaborate with

Created with LensStudio. Using them in Zoom/Teams/Jitsi with SnapCamera program:


More experimental facefilter effects:


Ilu has created a P5js clone on MSDOS.

Including its very own IDE with library manager and module loader. He recently moved parts of his framework out of the core and they became plugins, making the core lighter. Then he created new plugins like sqlite and one for neural networks.



Live coding afterparty