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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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November 6th, Stammtisch #79

Since he wants to use an AxiDraw but he refuses to use Inkscape, he built a Figma plugin as an alternative.

The plugin includes features like emergency stop.
It is available at the Figma pluging store.

Based on:

Freestyle SVG Exporter for Blender

Rewrite of Tooll (node based open source solution for creating interactive 3d content and animations)

He has been developing a tool for feedback loop efects.


Shows a tool, he has been working on for around a year and a half, for learning Chinese. Word by word transcript -> hire freelancers from Upwork to correct the transcript -> phonetic transcription

Google translate does phonetics but needs copy-pasting. Wenlin also does phonetics but same issue.

Used CC-CEDICT (opensource chinese dictionary)

Created an app based on cordova

Also works for German podcasts and… Russian literature.

A few finished episodes online: - Rice And Shine podcast: Ersatzverwandte - Excerpt from Anna Karenina - Excerpt from Chekhov: Anna on the Neck - Chinese episode from Story FM

I’ll be soon be opensourcing the prose variant (Russian examples) and I’m happy to share the Chinese/German one too… It has just been a lack of time so far to make the prototype mess presentable :)

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Twitter @twilliability

Elliy is using ‘interesting landscape compositions’ images she took using the google Earth with to train a neural network to generate diferent imagery. Using satellite imagery and microscopic images of oil paint drops. Blurring the line between macroscopic and microscopic. Using Runway ML. Recommends it because it saves a lot of time.
Trained using the training model for faces because it has the highest resolution.

Project website:

Tutorial resources for GAN:
Super resolution:

Fulldome Festival:

Say hello!, ig: @elliyinspacetime

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Eric has been workin on a project called ZenFighter
Using a heart rate sensor to check if you are improving you meditation skills.

There will be 2 people. One using a game controler and one using the sensor trying to calm down.
The person who manages to calm down will make the selected character fight on a fighting game.

Say hi: ig

Recently finished her plotter drawings exhibition.
felt uninspired and looked into a book called Designa (

Working with spirals using and plotting with an AxiDraw

Abe: a book that can be inspiring mentioned in the past (warning, fat PDF) is the Kunstformen der Natur

Santiago has created a web app for drawing using polar symmetry.
The tool can change line width and color during a single stroke.
Lines can be drawn with different brushed with geometric shapes.
The app is available for Android: ans soon for iOS
Old web version:

Onat introduces us to his late 80s fantasy world.
Fresh out of a B-series hacker movie, his software combines state-of-the-art technology with jargon that people have not come to understand. It has some sick colors, though.
He designed his very own coding language with his own syntax and physiology


The featured artwork of the month is by Nuño de la Serna (