Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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October 2nd, Stammtisch #78

Naoto -

He is at NODE Forum for Digital Arts
Conferences are streamed live for free.
And hubs is free to everyone: (and there are more rooms in our hubs!)
(un)official program

Presents, a sequencer inspired by and using

She recently got a pen plotter and is enjoying it a lot and interested into moiré patterns
Deniz talks about her fascination for repeating patterns.
Parametric leaves:
Example “infinitive space” shader using this function:

Abe - I’ll be tomorrow at the exhibition from 2pm to 5pm in case anyone wants to check it out. With works by Raphaël, Deniz, Jack, Marcel, Sarah and I.

OPENRNDR now offers useful features for plotting: line intersections, shape substraction, and more.

Unity paid project: (sign up above)

PraxisLive v5 just came out (hybrid visual IDE for live programming):

Sorenpeter mentions and seems alive :)

Pixtur mentions

Praxislive user doing cool stuff

= Break =

= Announcements =

Clayxels Unity Plugin
Introduction tutorial:
Some mushrooms are here:
dpmanual adaptation to Unity
Computational Graphic Design Manual (dpmanual): - Shows how to design simple patterns via code. Same designs written in different languages (p5.js, Processing, OPENRNDR).

Clayxels reminded Deniz of this: 🔥 Houdini!

There is this too, but I haven’t tried it:

Clayxels is also like Dreams on Playstation:

Presents the syntax free programming language he’s been working on for 6 years, including a custom editor optimised for this language. “It’s not a language actually it’s more like a macro assembler”



The featured artwork of the month is by Abe Pazos (