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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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September 4th, Stammtisch #77

Working on an art installation for a small gallery in berlin. Making an installation about stories of people related to the Berlin public transportation company BVG. 3D printed a ticket machine that looks like the ones found in the Berlin. The exhibition will be open for a month.

Event page for the exhibition:

Nuño’s instagram:

If you have stories or anecdotes to share, please write to Nuño on instragram or Twitter.

Audio responsive visualisations done in Hydra. Samarth uses public domain music. Using the kaleidoscope filter on Hydra.
Made an interface using Blockly:
Planning to run some workshop in collaboration with Algorave India.
Wants to use more shaders found on bookofshaders.

SörenPeter mentions (an organisation founded in 2004, to explore and promote live coding)
Onat mentions (a shader IDE)

VirtualBox running freeDos. Connecting with TPC on MS-DOS using Javascript. Used an HTTP stack already available for DOS systems. On top of it, Ilu implemented a web server with Javascript on MS-DOS. REST API is implemented too.
Next up, Ilu will look into 3DFX.

Twitter: @annabelchurch is a data journalism essay newsroom/organisation. They take interesting datasets and they analyse, visualise them, and explain their process, their assumptions and why they did the visualisations that they did. For example, they took all the Disney movies and did an analysis of the dialogs from a gender perspective.
Bell has a personal project about the 70s and 80s activism that her mother did about domestic violence reporting in NZ. Scanned all of her documents (took 2 years), extracted the text, and looking to do text analysis from those. Look at how the language changes over time. How the feminist movement changed the culture of the country
11 years of newspaper clippings, draft documents to change the laws, correspondance with the police, TV, audio interviews that her parents did. Now looking for ways to transcribe the speech.

Constanze: can do automated analysis, first sign up you get some amout for free.

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Interactive visualisation based on Hiroki Sayama’s paper “Extreme Ideas Emerging from Social Conformity and Homophily: An Adaptive Social Network Model”
Powered by magnum engine, emscripten and box2d. Source code is available (

Samarth: reminds me of
Coleran says the topic reminds him of the book On Mass Movement by Eric Hoffer

Showing his setup for livecoding. Improviz (
Found a really cool tool by the maker of BookOfShaders: MidiGyver ( a console program to convert MIDI inputs into OSC.
See more:

Raph asks about collaborative live-coding
SörenPeter: |
for co-coding in a browser in tidal and someting called punctual for both visuals and music. Also A browser-based media router for collaborative performance by the creater of Hydra

Showing an update of the programming language he has been building. Implemented a custom text editor for it that is entirely shader based. The pixels are SDF based.


The featured artwork of the month is by Deniz (