Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Old list of events

August 7th, Stammtisch #76

CRT TV showing generative graphics running on a RPi. Would like to show generative art in the space. Group exhibitions or personal exhibition.

Work done with OpenRNDR (
Finding ways of dealing with creative coding, Ricardo have been working on a visual tool + GUI that mixes medias and different techniques to create designs.

Example: (it ain’t pretty)


Explores math and Torus poetry on TeX

Poetry on a torus :


example here:

my twitter: @finartcialist

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Coming events? Need help?

Project from the last code jam - presenting the history of our Stamtisch in visual way.
In the future

1) Collecting stories and anectodes about the BVG (Berlin Transportation Authority) for an installation in September. The BVG as a cultural icon of Berlin.

2) Light mapping
A technique common in big heavy game engines but not so common in Creative Coding Frameworks. Calculates the shadows in a 3D scene and bakes them into textures. Not real-time but quite fast. Good for ambient occlusion and bounces.

Sensor’s charts rendering by MSDOS
DOjS now has WATTCP (Waterloo TCP) support
He plans to implements HTTP and UDP sockets.

Dough is working on Dali, a new kind of graphics API, based on signed distance fields, built with WebGPU
Dali uses an extensible 2D/3D graphics model that goes far beyond postscript/SVG.
Same graphics possibilities as Curves but new implementation made for high performance and fast rendering. Wanna be able to render millions of characters on the screen and make zoomable UI or do deformations on text (e.g. fisheye).


The featured artwork of the month is by aBe (