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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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May 1st, Stammtisch #73

OpenFrameworks addon. 3D tile placement algorithm.
Wave Function Collapse 3D -
Place 3D tiles like lego bricks, following a set of predefined rules.
He’s inspired by brutalist architecture.
His software already generates maps of locations for buildings, parks, etc.
Lately he’s been working on lighting the scene with Lightmapper.
Trying to implement it in openFrameworks has been frustrating
and it’s not yet working after 50 hours trying, so he’s going to stop
working on the lighting and go back to producing the geometry instead.
Apparently openFrameworks and Lightmapper might be not compatible because
of their architectures.

Shows Hydra Blockly which came about after attending the Processing Day event
in Delhi. He combined a block based coding with the Hydra environment for live coding of audio reactive graphics.
It allows creating visual effects without typing code, but only playing with lego-like code blocks.

Shows a second project which offers a face mesh to allow real time face painting on a virtual mask you wear. Not yet available online.
Will be sharing it here -

Have you seen that Tensorflow Face painting experiment by Cyril Diagne?

Went into figuring out how to produce sound, learned how to make a simple VST plugin using the Rust language (used for creating sound effects or computer synthesizers):

Figured that shadertoy supports audio shaders, so he experimented with that:
He tried different types of (perlin) noise to hear how they sound like.

Naoto: There are crazy people “tweeting” GLSL scripts and some actually does visual and sound in one tweet

Naoto: a friend of mine Chikashi Miyama says he makes VST with JUCE and Rust

May 12th

Abe: this is how VST’s can look like:

She’s been looking into games, and studying if popular games have something in common, to take a systematic approach into game development.

The art gallery game

— break —


- Kazik: we are looking for new roommate in our WG. The person will be living in the room of Lisa:

Yozy Zhang Garvey - dance performance with generative visuals

Shows several videos of her experiments:
Body tracking and projecting on a moving body, for example for wearing a moving fish on a t-shirt (testing).
Also using markov-chains for generating random chord progressions with max-msp.

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