Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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April 3rd, Stammtisch #72

Presents the new just released VVVV. Found at
Free for non-commercial use. Currently for Windows, but it’s written in .net
which is cross-platform, so eventually maybe for Mac & Linux.
You can create your own nodes. Supports all 3 versions of Kinect devices.
Joreg on Mastodon:

“Small bits”

  1. Recently released V1.0 of. “A DOS JavaScript Canvas with sound”. He recently made it perform much better.

    Project Page:
    Release tweet:

  2. Pictures from my old Photoblog:
  3. Built his own version of corona last week in p5.js running on MS-DOS


Shader limitations in Processing:

Showing a text based rendering thing he made. First still, then animated.
Runs in the browser. Converting photos to text, but also algorithmic noise.

Converted fonts using filters to damage the fonts, then converted them back to
a font. Affected by reaction diffusion.
Used to convert the images to a font (for Illustrator).

Was contacted by a friend asking about who can build a robot, so
he said he would do it. A robot carries around a pico projector in the club.
Found a project for converting vacuum cleaners into hackable robots.
Carries a Raspberry Pi & a power converter. The Pi overrides the computer
in the vacuum cleaner and gets access to the sensors.
Link to API:
Nvidia Jetson Nano:

Projectors with battery:

Artlii Mana Mini Beamer - 50 lumens

Mini Projector, Crosstour - 100 lumens

Apeman M4 Mini Projector - 100 lumens

It seems that is is still possible to buy an older model, M7, which is cheaper, and might have better specs - better stereo speakers, 150 lumens, but it’s much heavier and bigger

Acers - you can choose 3 models, 100-300 lumens ranging from 180-240 EUR

Podoor Mini Projector 250ANSI Lumens

Viewsonic M1 Portable LED Projector - 250 lumens

— break —



  1. Short announcement about OpenRNDR: Wrote three posts comparing writing simple programs in Processing and OpenRNDR and highlighting differences between the two languages.
  2. Sharing code of old sketches on Github:

Projection mapping system. A shared document edited by remote people, then projected
onto balloons and other objects, remote participants can see via webcam the result. “Quarantine art from your own window”
Does a live peformance with a cello, projections on balloons, a contact microphone, a Bella with some PD for sound.
Suggests doing a festival of online performances?

Related: (made by RNDR)

OBS Studio (use 32 bit)
patch for zoom
Announcement: Processing hangout