Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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December 6th, Stammtisch #68


A. Shows his project that uses a neural network to make a collage of patches.
B. A piece of software built with OpenFrameworks that lets you edit static images and drop in shaders. It’s like his custom Photoshop, with layers, each layer has its own parameters, layers can be animated.

Two quick projects. One is a GPGPU particle system
The second is a system for generating animated ribbons, ported from Keijiro Takahashi’s Unity code. Processing sketches:

Shows the twitter bot that she started with Greg in the last Creative Code Jam:
Source code:
It’s developed using a GPT-2 type of machine learning network: DialogGPT

Raymarching based on bird feather images. Uses Raymarching in GLSL shaders to create the 3D shapes. Uses glslViewer (a shader editor) for live coding and enjoying the results immediately.

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Long exposure photography and light painting. Often used in evening / night. Any moving objects become blurry, still objects get more light than usual. Light painting involves moving a light source in front of a camera taking a long exposure.
published on venomous magazine vol II.
Some examples:


Shows the teleportation machine he developed to go to far away places in the galaxy.