Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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November 1st, Stammtisch #67

35 out of 52 signed up


Shows a screen that uses no power when not changing (e-ink style) with 3 colors. Nice to show art works that change once in a while.

Spatial computing jam #1

Organized an event around experimenting with AR and VR. She collected many learning resources for different technologies.
+Spatial computing jam #1

Shader with music from Floating Spectrum:

— break –

Shows her Touch Designer experimenting with generating sound, even if TD is mostly a visual tool. She enjoys working with Blender, and has been trying to bring shapes from Blender into TD. Needs help with that. She tried with OSC to send data from Blender to TD, but did not work well. Another approach which is not live, was to reload an OBJ file every time it’s exported from Blender.
Contact Alma on instagram to help her:

Marketplace & plugs

Continues with his latest hack in Phonk, his Android based creative coding platform (an App you can download). The app provides an IDE which you load from your laptop. You type code in that IDE, and when you run, the sketch runs in the phone. It provides access to all sensors.
After he joined a shader workshop, he implement shaders in Phonk. So you can easily create shaders, and use the sensors in the phone to modify the shader behavior (for example tilting the phone). Press STAR in GitHub NOW! :)

Released this openFrameworks addon:
“Wave Function Collapse” algorithm. What it does is calculate all possible combinations that match a certain set of 3D rules. It’s like having Lego pieces, and those pieces can only be connected in certain ways. The system will create random Lego constructions.

He’s never been much into social networks so he was quite creeped out when he joined Taru’s event and found Spark AR to create a 3D mesh of your face in real time. It also provides hand recognition.
Check out for many filters made by other people

He’s been working on his own programming language, targeting himself only (so no cross platform). Uses imGui for the gui. Uses Signed Distance Fields and tiles for rendering lines.

Kazik’s birthday singing