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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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September 6th, Stammtisch #65

38+ attendees

Slit-Scan photography and special relativity
Shows many examples of static and animated slit scanning, quickly showing the history of this technique and many of his own experiments.

(will need to upload the videos used in the presentation before I can upload the slides. Some links below - Job)

Try this on a 4K screen, or zoom out:

Shows infinitely zooming designs.
First ones always zooming towards the center, then an interactive one that allows zooming in 2D towards the mouse location. He created an interactive tool to create this infinitely zooming paintings, in which you can paint tiles of that world. A collaborative “infinite” painting.

Using Python in Blender to generate abstract generative meshes. Python + blender 2.8 + Intel® Open Image Denoise

Shows a video made for the track Inner Island by Floating Spectrum made with Free Software (Blender, MeshRoom, MeshLab)

— break —


Plug: second Pride Day in his town in Poland. Szczecin, Sep. 14th 2019.

After party with interactive generative visuals capturing dance moves at Elefunk club:

He works with the OPENRNDR framework (similar to Processing and openFrameworks). Kazik added Kinect support, even multiple Kinect cameras, and different color maps.

He also shared some of his code at
then makes a demo live coding with OPENRNDR, including inline shaders.

Turbo, An Improved Rainbow Colormap for Visualization

Meredith & Gilbert
Mentions Replica, a dance collective in Berlin.
Collecting data that would be useful for artistic interpretation in a dance performance.
Can you measure when the performers get in the flow
Workshop with dancers equipped with wearables (full body suits with stretch sensors built in + microphones and heart monitors). Had to be robust enough to be able to roll on the floor with it.
Gilbert recommends ZED depth cameras

Noise and music using data references:
Organic Orchstra (BIONIC ORCHESTRA 2.0)
Marco Donnarumma


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Futurium 1

Futurium 1
Futurium 2

Futurium 2
Futurium 3

Futurium 3
Futurium calibration

Futurium calibration
Shows the Abraham project, an artificial online artist.

Artist in the Cloud

An experiment in low-cost, high-tech living & learning in the California desert