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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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August 9th, Stammtisch #64

Today as a new introductions format, we had 10 minutes to talk to people we don’t know.

Little project she finished about Fragment Shaders (programs that run in the graphics card instead of the CPU). All about pixel colors, set by a very fast program. Written in ClojureScript. It’s a web based / terminal environment. She writes code in the terminal, the browser window shows the running graphics and shader source code to the audience.
Repository with the code:

Secret art-tech event in a mystery location. This will be the 2nd edition. Nuño showed two invite QR codes for people to register.


Showing cool stuff you can do in the new version of vvvv (a node based visual programming language and multipurpose toolkit), for example 1. a “character packing” algorithm that fits letters in a rectangle avoiding overlapping, 2. the multilevin example (see Golan Levin), 3. a particle system represented by classes / objects.

Today they had a workshop on computer vision, they used printed paper marker. Shows an example in which he rotates a marker, but the software inverses the transformations so it’s always shown as perpendicular to the camera.

Golan levin:

Paolo & Dörte
Transform sound data into personalised jewellery (organic looking), created in a sustainable fashion. Received a grant for it, must be ready in February 2020. They ask for ideas and input into making this happen.



Plugs, calls, coming events, etc

— break —

Exploration of Perlin noise. Beautiful animations running 100.000.000 particles (not real time). Pop style / “French table cloth” looking landscapes.
Steering particles based on a noise texture


Kazik & Marina
Design in Motion Festival

Find Kazik at:

Process and tools:
“natural generative color”:

Shows her audio reactive visuals done in TouchDesigner. She played them in live situations. It was harder than expected, because settings had to be tweaked depending on the music.

From the Money workshop at the School Of Ma:
A machine from Martin and Cesar’s workshop/project “Bitcoin of Things”
Wearing a crypto mining machine on his head that also gives a lot of pleasure. “The mining aspect is not good, but the pleasure aspect is great!”