Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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December 7th, Stammtisch #56

Second iteration of Programa La Plaza interactive facade at the Medialab Prado in Madrid.

Shows his favorite examples of human computer interaction
FingerReader 2.0: (Competitor:
80% of visually impaired people have some form of residual vision.
Vi. AI assistant for sport:
Smart rings: Motiv, Oura
Digitspace (prototype of thumb :
Chris harrison’s skin interaction:
Hand Range Interface:
Bonus project:

Wanted to reconnect with what he was doing as a teenager: pixel shaders, and be able to explain it to his son.
cartesian creatures

Bezier curves playground made in three.js

Animated texture/mask/rgbBlur line renderer.
D.A.V.E. interactive 3D data visualization project for Live Intent.

“formOS” - Modular entertainment system.

Selcuk Artut
RAW (Live Coding) Founded by two prominent figures in the field of Creative Technologies; Selcuk ARTUT and Alp TUĞAN, RAW is a music group that creates audio and visual performances with live coding methods. While exhibiting audio visual experiences with improvisational computer programming structures, the duo invites the viewers to be an active observer of the making process of their live performances. Performed at various Electronic Music and Media Events in places like Berlin, Tokyo, London, Helsinki, Istanbul, Belgrade; RAW invites the audience to immerse into the performance visually with using additional top cameras, and code views projected on large displays. Sonically the audial experience moves into the fields of noise, electronic, techno, minimal and ambient genres with improvisational forms.

Selcuk Artut: His artistic research and production focus on theoretical and practical dimensions of human-technology relations. His artworks have been exhibited at Dystopie Berlin, ICA London, Istanbul Biennale, Moving Image NY, Art Hong Kong and received coverage at Artsy, Creative Applications, CoDesign, Visual Complexity, CNN GO. Currently, Artut coordinates the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabanci University, Istanbul where he mainly teaches Sound and Interaction Courses. He has been releasing several albums as a member of a Post-Rock Avangard music band Replikas since 1998. Artut is artistically represented by Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul

Brush engine (2012)
Virtual Forest”. 5 minute immersive virtual reality experience weaving together climate science, politics & industry to explore how Finnish logging strategies affect Carbon Sinks and seriously mess with our climate.