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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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November 2nd, Stammtisch #55

Ingo said hi.

Trying to make meshes of plants (3D geometry). three.js has a Lathe geometry, but he’s using openFrameworks, so he built a 3D Lathe addon: ofxLathePrimitive.

He was exploring photos of his old relatives, and wondering about their stories. He also found guestbooks, with names and notes from people. He was wondering how to put this old data together and share it with others, telling stories about them. He didn’t find satisfying software that could help him.
His initial project was to create a software to generate and explore family trees. He notices that we all are connected to someone famous. He seeks collaborators interested in visualizing stories.
Twitter: @mikez

Kasra Sammak
Electronic music producer
Wrote an FM synthesizer within a program that manipulates wav and mp3 files. That’s how he got into coding. The code was mostly written by his friend in Java, and was quite complicated.
So he went back and started to learn from the basics, taught React by his brother.
Kasra shows a simple synthesizer he created as a web app using web audio.
Kasra is looking

Kasra here: Forgot to mention that the synthesizer is deployed here as a netlify page so you can play with it if you want :


— break –


She created musical instruments (a sequencer) in Max4Live (Max/MSP for Ableton Live). Designed for live performance. The sequencer allows sequences of different lengths that do not match the duration of sequences in Live, creating more interesting patterns.
She makes a live performance demonstration using “AnyaArp”. She also shows a second plugin which allows looping and jumping to next loops in the horizontal arrangement mode in Live, by using a midi control pedal (for live improvisation), so she can react to the crowd, and stick to certain parts of the performance, or skip to other parts if people are not reacting to a certain sound.

Do you use Processing? Have you heard of PraxisLIVE?
Node based programming environment where all nodes are made of Processing code.
Also fixes some of the problems that Processing has (such as rendering transparency).
This allows him to be faster and experiment more without having to learn a new language.
Amen break live coding performance:

She’s running the School of Machines, Making and Make Believe:

  1. She was in London to interview next teachers for coming program in China. There she invented the 30-minute internship. She asked people what could she help with for 30 minutes doing fabrication.
  2. Mathew Plummer Fernandez made some project for encoding a 3D printed gun as a glitchy object that can be reverted to the original gun, knowing some code. She asks people to help others who are asking for help in social media.
  3. where Meredith will be teaching openFrameworks. There’s also a VR class, one with more art for technologists (painting, drawing, collage), one online class about randomness & code, machine learning and AI.