Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Old list of events

March 2nd, Stammtisch #47

January 31st 2013 was our first meetup.

Diana institute for creative anticipation and performing arts. Coming performance on the 14th of March in Liebig12.
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Mike makes games that use real props to physically connect people to the past.

Hello operator: A time management game where you play the role of a switchboard operator from the 1920’s.

What Hath God Wrought?: “a series of small games about the telegraph and its cultural and sociological impact in the 19th century.”

Mike mentions Wired Love A Romance of Dots and Dashes, a 1879 love story about two telegraph operators:

“I have developed a system that allow to put video on audio cassettes. They’re called video cassettes!

How to let users collectively design an EP cover while avoiding illegal/problematic content.

is part of the band:
Looking to do some kind of crowdsourced visuals for their upcoming song.
People share expamples:
Bicycle Built for Two Thousand:
The Johnny Cash Project:
Do Not Touch by Studio Moniker:


Stef & Javier
Aero One app which can be found in the app store. It’s an AR app to play sound emitting objects placed in the space. They also show a video of an experiment in which two phone’s location’s are shared in real time between the two devices.

School of Ma’s upcoming classes:
“You don’t want to be talking about roses all the time because fuck right?”
“This is the school where you think critically about technology”
Olivier mentions the fakeness of AR “what kind of fake things can you create?”
Cédric: Digital matter. Isn’t an AR object real?
Javier: AR is just a tool. It’s like woodcut.
Diana: making things that are not visible visible. What is not visible?
What about other kinds of feedbacks and augmentations?
Regis: shoulderpads that make you twitch every time you’re in view of a surveillance camera
Florence: Subpac used by MLF in the eye of the animal
Florence: Choy Ka Fai, “Prospectus for a Future Body”
Marie: [online only] I feel like I’m there. Well, I feel like a creative code ghost but it feels good. Thanks note takers!