Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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February 2nd, Stammtisch #46

Back in co.up

Shows her experiments on machine learning to generate rhythms. She trains a neural network with 1400 midi files to generate new music that is later played in Ableton Live.

Saskia Freeke
She started to create generative art in 2015-01-01. She’s posted 1129 results so far. She followed Joshua Davis’ Skillshare course. In the Bachelor she learned Processing. She was initially creating designs and loops with no coding. She was scared of showing the work online, thinking it’s not good enough. She was telling her students to experiment and play.
She started with Hexel and Illustrator, then Processing, Hype, OpenFrameworks, p5.js. // // @sasj_nl

Shows some sound reactive shader programs.
Also shows experiments changing the Processing default shaders:

Presents coming courses for the School of Machines The first one is Ecoacoustics.
// Abe recommends Antifragile by Nassim Taleb
// Raph recommends Joscha Bach’s talks at CCC

// Merlin recommends

// Rachel:

// Merlin recommends: &

Is taking over organising a creative meetup called Glug Berlin:
Started Processing a month ago and making one sketch a day:

// Abe mentions Urban Nation street art museum

// Rachel mentions
Heather Dewey-Hagborg shows a collection of masks generated from the DNA of Chelsey Manning