Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Old list of events

October 6th, Stammtisch #44

Beginning a game that uses blockchain technologies and explores the idea of trust.

Sharing some of the questions she is asking in the early stages, as well as her log of technical work so far.

Some examples:

Also showed “The evolution of trust” a game she found online.

Peter Kolski
Artificial Insulter (AI) -
Two computers seeing visitors (analyzing live webcam images) and insulting them.

On going project in which he uses lathe (revolution geometry). There’s videos about machines cutting rotating objects. There’s also a three.js class for creating lathe geometries. While working on those lathes in 3D, he found a free feather database online: . Next he combined both lathe + feathers.
He used gimp and a tool called crazybump for creating textures of feathers.

Electronic Chaos Oracle 4.0, work in progress. A chat bot that uses machine learning algorithms trained with lots of philosophy, media theory documents.

SuperCollider workshop tomorrow morning at Spektrum:

Gene OpenFrameworks meetup Friday 13th.

Artifacts exhibition. Baumschulenweg. 5 min from Sonnenallee. Friday 13th. Facebook event coming here soon…

Codeine for artists workshop:
“Decentralized AI”, “Optical Systems for New Media Tinkerers and other School of Machines, Making & Make Believe workshops:

From Zach’s tweet

Jelle Reyth
Portable wifi router based on raspberry pi to distribute art while mobile. Paintball machine that learns to shoot better over the course of two days (using AI).
Universal clock, 3D printed, for synchronizing people at long distance (Mars - Earth).
Wearable flapping dress that gives the person wearing it a sense of orientation (North - South).