Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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August 4th, Stammtisch #43

100 curated favorite VVVV projects:

Digital Theremin (audio synth) using VVVV.
Interactive chord visualizer he built using VVVV in 2 days.

Real time Face2Face translation: his webcam grabs his face, extracts basic features (eyes, lips, etc), and is transformed into a famous face with a matching pose.
Real time style transfer from a famous painting to live webcam input.

Joreg mentions a recent Radio Lab episode in which they show making someone say something they never said, by synthesizing both audio and video. Apparently there’s a demo video in RadioLab’s website.

Lyrebird demo (copy the voice of anyone)

Note: Drive Forum, Ars Electronica show in Berlin, with a piece from Memo Atken

Vanta -
Has worked 4 years in this company where he worked in:
Monolith: custom large LED display.
A VR installation in which you seed the same room in VR in which you are at (but without any people).

-— break —-

Describes the Creative Code Cairo community (which recently had their first anniversary) and shows a dance installation called Mycelial, which used first Processing and Kinect, then openFrameworks.
They had one Creative Code Jam so far during the Maker Faire Cairo in which they experimented with VVVV.

Shows her personal website made with Unity and exported to WegGL →
She did not want to do a traditional 2D website full of rectangular objects.
The code is on Github →

She also shows how she hacked the door intercom at home in Berlin, so they can open the door using a smartphone. The system uses a small Arduino inside her flat.

A car system made in Ableton that generates music based on the intensity of the car driving.

Nice home page with WebGL
VIMU, video clip generator (produces sound based on video), (client work)

Shows Perspectives, the VR project he did at School of Ma, about the difficulties of communication between cultures.

Events and spaces
Larp design School of Ma
Workshops in Neukölln
Critical Engineering workshops
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Interesting Theater piece (German)