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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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December 2nd, Stammtisch #37

Paolo Cirio
DDOS of the NATO website.

A project about websites that blackmail people with criminal records by publishing their mugshots. Paolo used an obfuscation strategy, publishing copycat websites randomising the names and showing blurred pictures. Got cease and desist notice from some of them.

Looking for a front end coder who can help with A service that
will help poor people who can’t afford it to automatically send a legal letter to Google to ask for removal of their personal information.

After getting the whole list of companies incorporated in the Cayman islands, Paolo generated Certificates of Incorporations in the name of existing firms, to “democratize tax avoidance”. Anyone can pretend to own the companies since they are anonymous.

Published his whole bank transaction history as a Google spreadsheet. Note: you can send him a message through the spreadsheet by wiring him money and putting the message in the transaction description.

Peter tells us a bit about the history of Quartz Composer.

He recently created BleedingEye, an OpenSource VJing software using C++ in OpenFrameworks.

Made OpenFramework compilable with CMake. Recommends CLion as an IDE.

Reference: meant as the spiritual successor to Quartz Composer


Project made a the Humbolt Universtity VR hackathon “Reality Sucks”.
Graph visualization in Mixed Reality using the HTC Vive.
Shows demo of Force-Directed graph in VR. Code on Github:
You can plug any kind of data.

Glitching 3D models (reference:
Pascal wanted to automate the process. Writing a library that takes any kind of .obj file and messes with it in many different ways (textures, vertices, etc). The end goal is to have a fully automated 3D glitching system that sends him a choice of PNG images by mail and publishes the ones he likes on his website. Work in progress code:
See images:


Announcement: contest mid-december.
“The winner of the NoTube Contest is the participant who manages to find the most valueless video on YouTube.”
First prize is a dinner at the Pasta and Pomodoro restaurant situation opposite the YouTube headquarters.

“Yourub is a gem that search videos on youtube using the YouTube API v3.”



Sound generation system made in OpenFrameworks.

In 2012, Hiroshi started working with Ryoichi Kurokawa.

Hiroshi shows us simulation videos of Node 5.5, Ryoichi Kurokawa’s last work, currently exhibited at the ACT festival in Korea. Four lasers with prisms mounted on horizontal actuators from Festo moving at 5 meter per second, firing pulses at a 18 meter wide screen. Sound comes from 58 speakers connected via Dante.

Coded in Cinder:

Now Hiroshi will be looking for new opportunities.

Presents the book that changed the way he does hacking: Graphic Thinking for Architects and Designers

Clip_8: “An iconic computing platform in a web browser.”

VideoExport library, since today it allows adding sound to the produced video.

Outcome of a workshop led by Gene Kogan. A social network hallucinating cities:

Five Car Studs: A shocking installation recreating the scene of a group of white people beating up a black guy: fivecardstuds kienholz

hylynyiv lyngykrz
About the self-induced opacity of science. Her work revolves about the feeling of data. Presents a current prototype made in Unity.