Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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September 2nd, Stammtisch #35

So, aBe, Ramin, Gene, Gerben, Francesco

Remote Mitte: the thing we talked about while eating in front of co.up:

OpenTechSchool Meetup group:

So Kanno + Takahiro Yamaguchi
Asemic Languages - Abstracting the shapes from handwriting letters from different alphabets. Machine learning that learns to hand-write, outputs using a 2D plotter.

Another drawing robot by the same artist:

mentioned reference:

Created an algorithm that creates an interesting tube.
3 rule program to create the cross section:

the progress of the shape over time represent one step across the tube… LINKS!

a sketch that creates the animations of the outlines in the web

Ramin presents the Berlin Science Hack Day
Coming up 23–25 of September.
Registrations open on the 8th

Meetup group:

Gene Kogan
Neural network generating images that match a “kind” of image (tea pots, running shoes, faces…).
The software creates new images that look like something recognizable, and it’s not a “mix” of previous images, but something new. It does this by looking at the probability distribution of many images of the target kind, and then tries to imitiate that distribution.

started from:

company doing open ai research:

Gene’s is writing a book (constant progress) - machine learning for artists
his page:

Related podcast about “average” research:

Experimenting with creating a web-browser / note taking tool. Unifies bookmarks, tabs, history. Allows you to create notes and create links. It’s like a mind mapping tool.
As We May Think - Vannevar Bush

Experiment in visualisation all possible averages.
e.g. average visualisation of euro-dollar exchange rate over time
animation of changes of inflation and unemployment rate over time.

References: Alberto Cairo gives very interesting dataviz courses online.

School of Machines, Making & Make Believe
upcoming program: influencing disruptions.
3 October - 29 October 2016 full-time in Barcelona, Spain

Learn Unity3D + creative coding

Retune Festival 6–8 October in Berlin

Next Creative Code Jam
September 17th at co.up