Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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April 1st, Stammtisch #30

Published two openframeworks addons.

Develops a FOSS projection mapping addon for openframeworks for raspberry pi, in an attempt to lower the cost of mapping installations…. a study mentions that IT students graduating in UK had less understanding of hardware and software than a decade earlier, because they spent time using closed computing devices like game consoles and tablets. The solution was to develop a cheap mini computer to hack and experiment with.
He has tested his software with up to 10 videos on one Pi.

Lately interested in Photogrammetry. There’s a software called 123dcatch which you can use to build 3D models with your phone.
Here you can find scanned objects:
He’s been looking at objects from the inside, specially foods, which look like strange caves and worlds.
He got interested in those objects to create 3D worlds to be used as virtual reality landscapes. His example using Unity3D:
It’s possible to create 3D models from random photos taken by different people. So Kanno 3D printed a head of Justin Beaber reconstructed out of photos found online.
ElectricObjects has an open call for media to be displayed on screen based digital art frames. Call ends today April 1st. Limit: 100Mb. 1080 x 1920. (Stills or videos).

Showed a video of Sonic Code Sessions (@scsBLN on twitter) session, in which all participants play sounds and write programs that forward messages around randomly, responding to each other and triggering more sounds. Participants used Supercollider and OSC to communicate. The SCS event takes place every two weeks at Spektrum.

Discovered Rhizome a node.js application, which is a solution to transmit messages and files between applications running OSC (anything, like PD, Processing, openFrameworks, Max, Supercollider) and web pages accessed via mobile devices or laptops.
Shows a demo, which connects a webpage, Supercollider and a Processing sketch.

[Loop Interactive music making on the mobile web]( about multi-participant collaborative music jam using mobile devices.

Events from

Cereal Party event. 5 strangers, 5 minutes and a bowl of cereals. A discussion happens.
They wondered if to record it or not. They decided not, for privacy, but then people expected that it was recorded.

Bugs and Machines. A closer look at every day Aliens.

Asks for feedback on different projects, like free dinner where data is taken while you eat.

Kadenze Machine Learning For Artists

Presents three summer programs:

other references:

Cornelia Sollfrank phd Thesis about the question what is art: “Performing the Paradoxes of Intellectual Property”,

The Internet’s Own Boy

Things to watch/read

That thing:


Resonate Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)

Creative Code Jam
April 16th at 12:00 in co.up

Art of Bots. Tracking System of Surveillance