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A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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February 5th, Stammtisch #28 - Kiel remix

Abe*Next is the original content, which was lost (Hackpad error?), Raphaël took screenshots of his cache, and I OCR’d and reconstructed.

Rachel(What are the questions below in reference to? There’s no context! thanks in advance!)
I added a bit of context

We asked the participants to ask a question to the group:

Abe* We got these questions, but we didn’t really answer them :)

For the 100th anniversary of the Dada movement, a collector in Italy have commissioned scans of artworks.
Here an online project where is possible to find some images high-res and some 3d model ready to remix. Raphael shows a work from, where he has replaced web advertising with art.
2D scans:

Thomas Mann
The demoscene -
CDAK demo - A 4K (4096 bytes) program that generates graphics and sound. By unc of the Russian group Quite
Trick used by demo coders: using a random seed that generates a set of interesting values. They try lots of those random seeds until they find one that looks good.

Interactive visualization of Convolutional Neural Network recognizing numbers.

Abe*If you’re interested in machine learning, check out the new Wekinator & Machine Learnina for artists MOOC

Chatbot made with the speech API

Self made night mode bookmarklet for his browser.
Learning Closure for creative coding.
Deep web (Christopher Bauder + Robert Henke).
Sonic Code Sessions at Spektrum.
Live Cinema Lab
Spatial sound multi-laptop performance (using Gibberish). The code is on Github
Live Cinema Lab event taking place at Spektrum (Live jam with musicians and vjs using 4 projectors at the same time)

Sebastian Neitsch (Quadrature)
Drawing satellites on a physical map as they fly over the machine:
You can see all registered man-made satellites at
Union of Concerned Scientists:
Reference from the audience: Trevor Paglen and his photographic work, spotting secret military satellites. Watch
his talk at CCC.

Two metal rods pointing at the position of the Voyager probe:

What’s going on in Kiel?
Next Generation scientific poster (concept by Konrad Rappaport)

Rosl Grlllmair
Online gallery curated by a machine, using the Art Genome proiect:

Antoni Raijekov
Experimental musical instrument using the body. Connected to Choreooraphic Coding Labs.