Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Old list of events

December 4th, Stammtisch #26

Shows his 3D prints of the Berlin Subway/S-Bahn system he made at the Fablab

3D print of the U-Bahn System

(He didn’t want to show it, but…) Live visualization of the public traffic of Berlin:

Showing the drawing robot from Thomas O’Reilly. (named Charlotte)
movement code:
Thomas’s website:
CHARLOTTE picture from spektrumberlin:

Idea started at a Creative Code Jam. A way of showing photos at a gallery which is more engaging than with the usual still photos. The distance between you and the picture makes it sharper or more unfocused, so you need to move to experience the photo. Sound accompanies the photo, which also changes depending on the distance of the viewer. It uses 3 Raspberry Pi computers and a Kinect to control each image.

Elektron drum machine programming language.
Reverse engineered the backup format of drum patterns and wrote a wrapper program around it in order to control it in real time from the computer

“Human relationships are complicated and sex with robots is too expensive.”
Modular sex box with Ramin’s lips glued on.
School of Machines upcoming programs

Vivien mentions

Artists, get paid for your work!

Raphaël mentions the book “Making your life as an artist” and the article
“Best practices for conservation of media art from an artist’s perspective”

Stuff to do

4-6th December: Applied Future Studio’s Christmas market

Stuff to watch/read

Manfred Mohr, an interview and an exhibition in NY

The Collidoscope

DP*love it!

The sound of drones
RC* Nice one :)
DPyes i liked it too, the cover is highly influenced by this work by Ruben Pater.
Oh yeah, I knew it reminded me of something :)

Gorgeous WebGL experiment:

Programmed Art
“Historian Davide Fornari tells the story of Arte Programmata, a cross-cultural movement of artists who pioneered new forms of spatial perception and interaction under the auspice of Olivetti.”

The reason the Internet was invented for