Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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August 7th, Stammtisch #22

Event page:

shows several webart projects from her website
Google and Friends: The invisible committee: Fuck off google, which fucks up pages from Google, facebook, amazon,nsa & apple

Arizona: Move and Get Shot. Image collections from public cameras from the state border of Arizona.

Natural Language Processing of German Parlament discussions, which allows a search .. but thats not important. There is a nice number flock visualisation which leads into a vortex. The boids follow several vector fields.
The webpage is in progress and not public yet [ COPY LINK LATER ]
But the code is on his github:

Presents two interactive audio-visual pieces.
“Only” 4 Frameworks this time: Supercollider, Max/MSP, Processing, openFrameworks. OSC is the glue- as usual.

Works between Design, Music and Code
Shows some of her pieces.
A multitouch, multiculture for multiuser installation.
The well-tempered synthesizer
The counterpointer: a step sequencer, with a Teensy

Talks about Graffiti Research Lab, which will do a workshop tomorrow in the course of school of Ma. You can participate:

Shows his 7 seconds p5.js sequence, which will be in a video by the creators of p5.js

shows images of his exhibitions in japan which are a series of drawing machines.
The three projects try to incorporate human creativity. These three aspects in particular:
replicate: draws the faces of the artists
learning: takes drawings of visitors and merges them with a machine learning algorithm and draws the results
noise: Students redrawing a abstract painting, that was earlier drawn by one of So’s machine .

Openings, Exhibitions & Other events…

“The director of DAM Gallery, Wolf Lieser, speaks about the development of Digital Art over the last 50 years and shows examples of pioneering work”

The Void: VR gaming with headset, vest and gloves, with other participants, on a physical location.

From the August 1968 issue of Computers and Automation magazine, the results of their Sixth Annual Computer Art Contest :
Raphaël* Cool stuff! Have you seen the current plotter drawings exhibition at DAM gallery? It’s worth a trip to Berlin ;)
Jerome*I’ll actually be in Berlin from August 6th to 11th again ;) And no, not yet! And as I’ve just seen it’ll only go until August 1st :/

Screenshot of the original Hackpad conversation below:

AR Screen hackathon project

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Videogame

The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free

Painting with video

Open Call for Electronic Art for Electric Objects

Algorithm Creates Video Based On a Few Still Images

Artificial ███████ Machine

What do machines sing of?
“What do machines sing of?” is a fully automated machine, which endlessly sings number-one ballads from the 1990s. As the computer program performs these emotionally loaded songs, it attempts to apply the appropriate human sentiments.

Pebbles Interfaces immersive 3D real-time hands (Oculus again)

Manfred Mohr, a pioneer of digital art:

“ is a showcase of curated creative coding sketches. The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging web experiments which only require a short attention span.”

in case this hasn’t been posted yet: dance + creative coding =

Webgl Studio - Web based 3D design application