Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Old list of events

July 3rd 2015, Stammtisch #21

Event page:

Talks about her upcoming blogpost. It will be about the perception of the value of UX Designers work.How to keep up with the speed of change? There is a misunderstanding what UX design is. They often have to explain what they do and what their value is. There is often a misunderstanding between UX Designers and Developers. Soon to come on Medium.

Audiovisual program. A swarm (boids) that represents a set of samples moves through plane- Their location determine their position in the sound plane. The user can steer the swarm through the plane. The audio-result is computed as if the user is in the center of the plane.
For the sound demos: The spatial effect works best with headphones.

Another reference: Boom room
And ramins Boid Jam (made together with Jem)

Audio performance including an acoustic guitar, MAX/MSP & Supercolider
E,A,A,G bzzbzbzchrgrghgzrghghtshggthghgh E,E, kluiiiiwsshhhh,….. ghostly voices… krkkrkrkkrkrzkzkrkzkrkzkrkzrkkzrkzrkzk G#, Ab, whistling, tzhdlodldlodldo. some nice feedback loops.
Then he shows his MAX, supercollider patches

shows his Audio-visualisation made with Three.JS that runs in the browser that he did during the resonate festival 2015 (three.js workshop by Mr.doob)

Shows the synthesizer that she is creating. It is an additive sound synthesizer, where the user creates envelopes. Then a fractal be selected and adjusted, which sets the delay of partial tones. The sound/fractal is visualised.

Crumble-on-plate driven design

Ilkka (ILE)
Shows a video of a dance performance. It is a first video of a series. The song was made for the performance. In the next iteration the dance performance will be used as an input for the song.

Abe & Marcela
Talk about school of machine, make make-believe, a 10 week program. Next week there will be a 4 day workshop on computer networks and hacking with Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev. Marcela shows a 3D printed hand prosthesis.

Shows the source code (written in ChucK) used to create this sound track
The melody is based on chaos theory.

Events & exhibitions

Tonight! (Thursday July 2nd)

“The director of DAM Gallery, Wolf Lieser, speaks about the development of Digital Art over the last 50 years and shows examples of pioneering work”


Stuff to see / read
Images generated from Artificial Neural Networks
The code is now available on Github:

Simulation of rocket combustion on the GPU. Much technical speak, but it includes some beautiful simulations

Manfred Mohr – Cubic Limit

Manfred Mohr - Interview 1977 - 1979 (Creative coding almost 40 years ago)

Computer Classic: “The Incredible Machine” 1968 Western Electric AT&T 15min

Exciting new work by Daniel Rozin currently at Bitform Gallery in NY
Penguin mirror:
Pom Pom Mirror:

Table-Top Sisyphus (computer-controlled motion machine that draws sand patterns with marbles and magnets)

Recovering audio from video, observing the micro-movements of objects (check out the video)
And by the same people:

A Gif in the Face - Surreal gif cinemagraphs


A bunch of quite interesting mini-codeArt-projects


Shaders and documentation example

“A website documenting alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances”

If you’ve ever been confused by math notation when reading academic papers, you will love this:
Raphaëlwe never gonna give up latex! why having it easy, when u can have the pain of setting things up for a day for one symbol :)
You can keep using Latex all you want. It’s still nice to be able to translate this gibberish to something usable :P
*I’m still waiting for hardcore Latex/math equation art. maybe with this lib

Screenshot of the original Hackpad comments below:

Generative brand identity for Editions At Play

Perceptual Shift by Michael Murphy

Flippaper by Jérémie Cortial & Roman Miletitch

Floraform by Nervous Systems: generative jewelry inspired by the biomechanics of growing leaves and blooming flowers