Creative Code Stammtisch

A monthly open conversation between artists, makers, designers, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression.

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Friday, January 31st 2013, Stammtisch #1

How our first meeting went

We had three presentations:

Ideas for next meeting

Web page for our group

Abe Pazos: We shortly discussed creating a web page for the group where people would have profiles, and where we can upload photos, videos and discuss any topics. One easy approach would be to use something that already exists (a Google+ community, a Posterous Space). The other solution is to build a Wordpress blog. Someone (sorry I don’t remember the name) volunteered to do that.

Lorenzo Pilia: Only a suggestion: if these events are going to stay under the OpenTechSchool umbrella I’d suggest to check with the OTS team if they have any recommendations regarding tools they might already have in place that could be used to share projects, have discussions etc. For example they already have several Google Groups in place. The main advantage is that it would give more visibility to the group (OTS is already reaching a lot of people through their network), making it easier for new people to discover these Processing meetups in the future. On top of that, all the shared info could be of use for OTS groups in other cities if they want to start organizing their own Processing events.

Abe: It’s a very good point, and now I feel a bit bad about suggesting the use of this Titanpad, because maybe they already had those tools in place, or places where to comment. I think these pads are great for almost real time interaction, specially when done live while the meeting takes place. Who should we talk to?

Lorenzo: No no! Don’t feel bad at all! How were you supposed to know about this? This Titan thing is so straight forward anyway, it can still be very useful, I wasn’t familiar with it so thanks! Rachel is the person who was there yesterday who’s currently more involved with OTS. Anyway anyone’s who’s interested in organizing things or in genral be part of OTS is more than invited to take part to their bi-weekly breakfast meetings – they’re really really nice people so don’t be afraid. Check for all the details!

Abe: Ok! :)

Ramin Soleymani: Yes an discussion board to discuss and fix future plans would be good. Lets see what we can get from OTS and what maybe we can make by our own.

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